Creative Review

Bringing measurement and accountability to creative production.

  • Simple graphical representations for each creative
  • Demographic breakdown of survey respondents
  • Written insight & recommendations from COEO experts
  • PDF File easily shared within office or agencies

Why use our Creative Review?

Traditionally there is a heavy scrutiny on the performance of media placements, especially in the digital space. There are tons of performance metrics for which agencies are held accountable but there are few measures on the impact of the creative itself, and therefore your creative agencies performance.

At best, the only consistent measure is that seems nice at which point a creative agency’s work is done. But Creative quality, design, copy, and composition heavily impacts performance.

Eye grabbing creative may have better ad recall but a weaker impact on performance metrics. One that blends in might not grab as many users attention but it has a direct effect on those that do see it. Getting the creative right is as important as optimising every other part of your campaign.

Approximately 20 or 30% of a typical campaign budget might be invested into creative production, however this budget isn’t held accountable to the end performance of a campaign. It has subjective measures in place and its quality can only be assessed after media investment. Therefore, errors can prove costly not only in production, but also in lost performance even when split tested. Our aim is to make sure this 20-30% is working as hard as possible for you.

If this works harder, then so does your media, and therefore your campaign is ready to go from the start. This begins with accountability, and an aim to ensure everyone is building creative aimed at achieving the end goal, as opposed to simply being aesthetically pleasing.

As a result we built our Creative Review report – whereby we can work in a one off snapshot, or an iterative process, to help you build creative that works.

Creative Review Case Study

The Visual Group were looking to run a performance campaign utilising some standard Ad Creative. The aim was to drive clicks to the website.

After our initial review, we found that the creative was missing the mark from a performance perspective and recommendations were made for improvements:

Key Findings

  • Lack of clarity around USP
  • Lack of clear direction for intended action
  • Brand recall only at 47%
  • Creative not seen as original

Changes Recommended:

  • Communicate the product and USP clearly
  • Make the call to action more direct

After our recommendations had been implemented, we ran a second survey with noticeable improvements:

  • 86% Uplift in understanding of USP
  • 33% Uplift in Product Recall without Ad showing

Creative Review Costs

Our costs are straight forward, for every review we have a flat fee of $2,095. This includes a shareable PDF containing all our survey results and recommendations from industry professionals on ways to improve your creative.

Getting Started

To book in your first report, simple get in touch using the form below and we will send you our Creative Review Briefing Document.